The expedition: 26 – 28 September

26 September

After the early morning briefing Toni and Encho go to the cave to start mapping and Papi and Jue to continue rigging. They try the speleotelecom but with no success. The weather is very cloudy so they decide to fix the telecom in order to prevent any future problems if the weather gets worse, before anyone enters Ru.
Encho checks the cable from the entrance to the camp and finds visible damage from the lightnings in 7-8 places. A new cable has to be installed, so Sasho and Lubo get on with the task from the camp to the cave. Vanya and Ivo Tasev help with the cable and then continue marking the found and explored small caves.
In the meantime Papi drops a pit near Ru which end at -15m. It is marked ad RB10.
Papi and Jue enter Ru at 14:00 after it gets clear that the telecom will be fixed. After all about 16:00 there is a good communication between the entrance and the camp.
Toni and Encho enter about 17:00 to map from the current bottom up. In the new parts they meet Papi and Jue which have passed the last squeeze. The pit ends with a very low part, filled with pebbles, which is called “The first bottom”. With a pendulum from the pit entrance they traverse to new wider parts of the cave. They descend another 30m meters and go to a meander about 80m long filled with speleothems. It ends with another pit which they have not rigged for lack of equipment. The meander is named “Hope for all”. They also find and collect a few worms.
Toni and Echo map from the meander to the “Ventilator” and exit at 8:00 in the morning.

27 September

Igor and Tsekata enter at 5:00 to rig. On the way down they meet Toni and Encho. They drop the 30m pit after the “Hope for all” meander and reach the “F..k it” meander, much shorter and much narrower. After it they reach the “Collector” which has galleries on several levels. They check another meander “Return” which is narrow and endless. The lowest part of the “Collector” is narrow and not checked. Igor and Tsekata think they have descended about 60 to 80m. They take some equipment out of Ru.

Two groups enter Ru to derig the parts bellow the “Ventilator” and to prepare a description: Sasho, Vanya, Ivo Buserski and Lubo.
Sasho and Vanya exit at 2:00. They have prepared a description from the old bottom up and have made a few clips with the camers. They have removed the cable and collected a few worms. They return about 3:00.
Lubo and Ivo havd derigged from the bottom. Some of the equipment is stored in the cave, the rest from the current to the old bottom is taken out from the cave. They exit at 5:00.

28 September

Toni and Encho enter at 12:00 to finish the mapping from the Ventilator to the Chiroz ledge.
Three hours after them Papi and Jue enter to derig the cave. They replace all the “as” anchors and put markers on all the bolts. They collect the ropes and carabiners and leave the plates. Both groups exit about 20:00 which ends the work in the cave for this expedition. The mapped elevation is about -450m. The last part explored by Igor and Tsekata is not mapped but is deep between 60 and 80m. First cave in the area deep more than -500m 😉

Lubo has a birthday, so Tsekata goes to Boge for some urgent supplies for the party. There is a cake thanks to Vanya. Everybody is happy for the work well done.

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