Take place in Radohines 2014 Expedition

View from the base camp below summit Radohines

View from the base camp below summit Radohines

Since 2010 Caving Club and Speleo School Sofia (CCSS “Sofia” – www.pk-sofia.com) organized several research cave expeditions in the area of Radohines peak (2570 m), North Albania. The aims are searching and exploration of caves at a higher altitude in an area unexplored so far.

“Radohines 2014”is the fifth expedition, which has the same goals as the previous expeditions. We continue working on the in depth exploration of caves “Ru” and “The Icy”, as well as research, exploration and mapping of caves in the area of Radohines; collection of bio speleological samples for identification of the cave species. Since 2010 there have been found and mapped 28 vertical caves with overall depth more than 1000 metres. Among them “Ru” -546m, “The Icy” -207m, both caves with bottom still unreached.

Expedition “Radohines 2014”will be held between 9 and 31 of August 2014.

The expedition is organized by CCSS “Sofia”, in cooperation with The Bulgarian Federation of Speleology.

If you wish to participate in the expedition “Radohines 2014”, please fill in the Registration Form and return it until the 30th of June to: tonisv@gmail.com.

The details in the Registration Form are necessary for getting permission for working on the territory of the “Theth” National Park.

In order to implement the expedition we are supported by several sponsors but additional participants fee of 75 Euro per person will be needed. The sum will be used to cover expenses for general equipment, food and other necessary supplies during the expedition. Travel expenses are not included. Priority will be given to participants who are willing to participate during the whole expedition (9th – 31st of August 2014). Applicants who are not able to participate throughout the whole period are still welcome to apply but should write down the exact dates of arrival and departure. Their participation fee is going to be 5 euro per day.

Here you can download registration form for the expedition “Radoines 2014”, North Albania.

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