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Report on the exploration of caves during the period 2010 – 2012 in the area of Mount Radohines, North Albania

Introduction Peak Radohines (Albanian: Maja e Radohines) is located in the southeastern part of the Albanian Alps, also known as the Prokletije Mountains (Albanian: Bjeshkët e Nemuna), North Albania. Radohines is one of the highest summits in Albania with its … [More »]

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Results of international caving expedition “Radohines 2011”

Between 10 September and 2 October 2011 an international caving expedition took place in the area of Radohines peak (2570 m), North Albania. The main purpose of the expedition was to explore the depth of the abyss Ru, initially discovered … [More »]

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The story of exploring Ru cave and the surrounding region in 2010

After the end of our last expedition in Maya Arapit cave, we were several people from PSKU Sofia who gathered and came up with the plan to go to Albania for three days. The idea was to climb up to … [More »]

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Geological and karst factors determining the development of the “Ru”abyss cave system

The abyss has developed in thick-layered-to-massive limestones, part of the Malesia and Madhe sub-zone in the Albanian Alps zone. The limestones have platform origin. In the explored area they occur in an uninterrupted sequence, whose thickness exceeds 2000m. The age … [More »]

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